Congratulations on joining Bizitalk!

Hello and a very warm welcome to the Bizitalk community!

Here’s a quick and simple list of things you can now do, depending of course on which level of membership you have chosen:

  1. You’ve just done this bit –> A completed personal profile – after all, small business is all about the people
  2. Join in our groups – swap opinions and share knowledge with like minded people
  3. Interact with other Bizitalkers on a one-to-one basis. Find some friends in the Bizitalk community and have a bit of fun!
  4. Answer someone else’s question – share your knowledge and be the expert!
  5. Join in with the many different groups – you can even start your own

    Then, you can access the following by upgrading to the Business Member level – it’s only £50 inc vat a year!

  6. Complete and promote your business profile – allow people to find out about, endorse, interact with and buy from your business
  7. Upload your products and services to your Bizishop  – showcase what your business markets to potential buyers
  8. Create offers on your products and services  – why not give something a little extra oomph?
  9. Create or attend events  – exploit the benefits of a truly social Bizitalk community 
  10. Be a Bizitalk blogger – sometimes even just saying it makes it better
  11. Plunder the Resources and Business Tips section – find valuable information, and perhaps contribute?