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Business Tips are short tips to help you run your business, many of which have been submitted by Bizitalk members.

Competent Person (H&S)

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (MHSWR) require an employer to appoint one or more competent people to help them implement the measures they need to take to comply with the legal requirements. That could be a member of the workforce, the owner/manager, or an external consultant.

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Is your Business Card a Selling Tool?

Business Cards have been around a long time and some people think they just save you writing your phone number down for others. WRONG! Look at your business card, firstly, does it say what you actually do? You’ll be amazed how many don’t. Is it single sided? If so, why? Look at that big blank […]

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Reading your SPAM

Some businesses, ours included, find it increasingly hard to get to “show off” their talents to the decision maker of a potential new customer. Proof read your SPAM, most of it WILL indeed be junk but every now and again there is a diamond like us in the rough! 🙂 I tend to scan the […]

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Twitter Tips

Consistently posting helpful daily or weekly tips keeps your audience coming back, and the tips aren’t too hard to come up with. Consider these questions as a starting place: What is a little-known feature of your product or service? How can using your product add value to followers’ lives? What problems does your product or […]

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Amazing Marketing Tool for Etsy Sellers

If you are an Etsy merchant and are looking for an easy way to simplify your daily social networking I highly recommend for social media postings. I’ve been using it for about a year now, and it’s been a fantastic and effective time saver. My traffic and sales have increased and sharing my art […]

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Leave it be!

As a small business owner, I have a tendency not to leave things alone. You know, you get something ostensibly finished, and then go “I’ll just add this” or “I’ll just tweak that” and you end up not only confusing the end user, but making endless pointless work for yourself! If you are not sure of something, […]

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Hangover Days

With sick days costing micro businesses at least £3,500 a year, is it time to change your policy? I was reading an article the other day with founder of Propercorn, who grants each of her employees two ‘hangover days’ a year, which are there to promote honesty. ‘Instead of pulling a sickie, we would much […]

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