Is your Business Card a Selling Tool?

Business Cards have been around a long time and some people think they just save you writing your phone number down for others. WRONG! Look at your business card, firstly, does it say what you actually do? You’ll be amazed how many don’t. Is it single sided? If so, why? Look at that big blank space on the back that could be informing people about what types of products or services you offer. If you are a Business Consultant, what do you specialise in? If you are a Landscape Gardener, do you also lay paths and patios? If you are a Bridal Shop do you also offer alterations and Mother of the Bride outfits? If you don’t fill that space with your information then it will probably be used to scribble notes on and then be thrown away. Lastly, does your card really represent you? Is it printed on a thick, quality stock? Does it have an unusual finish? Is it a unique shape? Does it say “Quality”? Your card is what you leave behind, it is how your customers will remember you, it may be how new customers will first see you. Don’t be tempted by cheap business cards, they will do you no favours. A great Business Card may be the best small investment you make in your business.

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