Benefits of joining Bizitalk

Be in at the start of a movement

From the reaction we’ve had so far we think there’s definitely something in it!  There’s a spirit to Bizitalk, there’s something people really value.  It’s growing all the time and gets more interesting. Join in and you’ll see what we mean.  It’s just a start, but already we help Bizitalkers to reach 5 million followers with 50 million #bizitalk tweets  every day. Join in and make it that bit bigger and lets all see what happens.

Contribute your ideas

Share what you know and how you’ve done so far. Join the groups and tell people about your successes and regrets

Help others to thrive in business.

Regularly enjoy that brilliant feeling when you’ve actually helped someone.

Learn more about how to grow your own business

Use the content we have already, suggest other stuff you want to see, contribute your own material.  Bizitalk is about growth in every way  – who said small business is just a grindstone – we’re here to learn as well.

Become more useful to your customers, staff, suppliers and Bizitalkers

Learning from the best practice of others you can become a better business for everyone who comes into contact with it.