About Bizitalk

Anyone running a small business will know the feeling. Your gut tells you something and you don’t have a research department to check it out. So, you just do it.

And as founders of Bizitalk, we’re very glad we did. After 12 days of launching the hashtag #bizitalk on Twitter it  was trending regularly and is now the most popular business hashtag in the UK.  Bizitalk now has 5 twitter accounts with well over 300,000 followers and a message using the hashtag can reach over 5 million people per day with over 50 million timeline deliveries bringing together businesses from across the globe.

Following on from the massive impact of the hashtag comes this web service which is building a community for small businesses. It’s a unique proposition and  we already have over 600 unsolicited testimonials extolling the virtues of what we do for our small business members.

Join the “Doers”

The hashtag #bizitalk has demonstrated the need for small businesses to have a community to share experiences and support one another in the same way as large companies have established expensive clubs.

Bizitalk is for people who do business day in and day out and want a community built around them.

The first thing anyone who conducts business online knows is that getting reach and getting noticed are essential, and they don’t always go together.

The internet provides access to millions of potential customers but, then, it does this for every other small business too. Exposure to new customers and suppliers is the key and what better way than a community-led small business web service which reaches millions of like-minded entrepreneurs?

What’s not to like? Why not take a look at the benefits of joining…?