A day in the life of a European Trade Mark Attorney

I’m a European Trademark and Design attorney which means that I help people protect their brands or shapes of their products.

I’m one of the lucky ones who absolutely loves her job and looks forward to everyday.

I bring with me peace of mind. If you register your trademark that brand name then belongs to you. It’s similar to owing a car. If you own it then no one else can drive it without your say so. So if you own your brand name no one else can use it on their products or services.

Brand owners always fight against counterfeiting because a counterfeit is an inferior product, many of which are not fit for purpose and can damage a brands reputation. You often see in the press battery chargers that have exploded and burnt people’s faces or bedding that catches fire. You wouldn’t want your brand to be associated with poor quality. With a trade mark registration border forces can stop these poor quality products. Without it it’s very hard to prove that the brand is or is not yours.

Trade mark registrations provide a brand with a sign of quality and exclusivity. Which is so important. It also gives you a competitive advantage. You will be the only one to sell your goods and services under the trade mark as registered.

I spend part of my day doing searches to make sure that the brand hasn’t already been registered for the relevant goods and services. If it has then you will need to choose a new name. The part where experience comes in is knowing whether the name qualifies as a trade mark, as not all names do. Descriptive words cannot be granted an exclusive right as only distinctive words will qualify.

Part of my role that I enjoy is talking to the client to understand their business so that we can register the correct description. A trademark lasts 10 years, therefore you want to future proof it as much as possible. Also you don’t want to allow another brand to squeeze in because you haven’t filed the mark for the correct goods or services.

Once the application is filed there may be some standard issues to deal with or some more stressful issues like a refusal or an opposition to the registration. These should not come as a surprise if the searches have been undertaken beforehand but may be a calculated risk as owning a trademark is a massive big deal.

You do get a lovely (could be lovelier) certificate confirming the registration. This you can show off and use to protect your brand. Of course just as cars are stolen, brands are hijacked and the certificate will help you get it back.

If you have a brand that is worth protecting its worthwhile appointing TradeMark Tribe. We are an online firm so you can afford to appoint an expert.

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