5 Top-Performing Lead Magnets to Supercharge Your Opt-Ins

Nolan Collins is the Director of NATTA Marketing, specialising in marketing training, animated videos and business Apps. http://wearenatta.com

Here’s the situation. Someone comes to your website, looks around and leaves. Your analytics is telling you the traffic is there but the conversions and engagement is not matching up! What do you do?

Like most small business owners, you’re probably looking for simple, effective, inexpensive ways to grow your email list. Lead Magnets are unquestionably the best way to do this, as they offer value and immediate gratification, (for both of you!) which increases opt-ins.

Below are the top 5 Lead Magnet ideas I use – and get great results with.

1. Cheatsheets / Checklists – such as, How To instructions, Top 5 (or 10) lists, mindmaps or “blueprints”. Examples: Top 5 Ways to Maximize Your Twitter Feed, Sales Funnel Mindmap, Facebook Ads Blueprint For Massive Conversions

2. Resources and Tools – People love free resources, especially if they don’t have to go out and find them on their own. Got some helpful time-saving hacks? Found a great website for project management? Have a go-to resource for low-cost software? Share ‘em in a list, and even add affiliate links (sparingly!) for extra bang for your buck.

3. “Look over my shoulder” Video Training – People love watching videos to learn new things. Using a smartphone and a simple microphone, you can create a 2-3 minute video that teaches a quick trick or tweak, and then leads people to ask for more information.

4. Free Assessment / Consultation – This works great for all types of businesses… accountants, social media experts, health industry practitioners, business coaches, etc. For example: Offer to look over someone’s website or Facebook Fan Page and give them a brief assessment of what they could improve. Keep it brief and don’t give away all your tricks for free; the idea is for you to develop a relationship with them so they’ll want to hire you to improve their online presence.

5. Discounted or Free Shipping – If you sell a physical product, offering to ship it free can be a very enticing offer. You can use Promo Codes sent to their Inbox as a way to ensure they opt in to your list and not just take the discount on a one-time purchase.


1: Are there mistakes people make when using your product or choosing your service that they should be aware of?

2: Is there a system or process that would help people understand what goes in to your product or service that can help them use it more efficiently?

3: Can you offer insight that others are not sharing or share resources that can help people understand your industry better?

4: Take these ideas and write your own lead magnet, add it to your CRM / email system and include a few auto-responders.

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